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Davis- D-885_0
Davis- D-885_1
Davis- D-885_6
Davis- D-885_2
Davis- D-885_5
Davis- D-885_4
Davis- D-885_3


  • 88 Keys
    Simulation Piano Keyboard With Touch Function
    345 Timbres / 128 Rhythms
    40 Demonstration Songs / Keyboard Percussion
    211-level Tempo Control
    16-grade Master Volume Control
    8-grade Rhythm Volume Control
    Single Finger / Fingered Chord / Chord Timbre / 6 Chord Mats
    Rhythm Shift / Start/Stop / Sync / Fill-in / Intro/Ending
    Rhythm Programming Function / Record & Playback
    Vibrato / Sustain / Transpose / Dual Timbres / Metronome
    Keyboard Split Feature
    Three-Bank Registration
    One-Key / Guide Function
    With Music Player (Udisk Not included) Udisk Jack / Sustain Pedal Jack
    Power Supply: DC 12V / AC Adaptor

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