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Davis- D-629_0
Davis- D-629_1


61 Keys
Piano-Styled Touch Response Keyboard

LCD Display 
With USB Music Player/USB Music Volume Control 300 Timbres/

300 Rhythms 61 Keyboard Percussions Music
30 Demo Songs/3 Teaching Modes Master Volume Control/Tempo Control Transposition Control Chord Volume Control Accompaniment Volume Contr nt Control hour-memory Function/MIDI O Metronome
/Split/Double Ti Sustain/Vibrato/RecordPlo Sync/Start/Stop/Fill-in/Pre Single Finger Chord/Multi er Chord/
Chord Off Playing Mode/EQ Mode/AB Reread HPlayback Postlude Prev Music or Next Music Select Touch Response Transformation External Power/External Microphone/
External Earphone External Sustain Pedal/Line Out

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