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Effects Pedals

Davis Musical Instruments- FL-70_0
Davis Musical Instruments- FL-70_1
Davis Musical Instruments- FL-70_2

  • The FL-70 offers wide and breathing flanging sound. Set the rate to the tempo along with the rhythm . By setting the depth to create gentle or thick flanging sound 

  • Normal Input Level:-20dBu
    Input Impedance:470KΩ
    Normal Output Level:-20dBu
    Output Impedance:10KΩ
    Current Draw:15mA(DC 9V)                        

  • Residual Noise:-85dBu(IHF-A,Typ.)
    Jack:Input ,Output ,AC Adaptor
    Controls:Pedal Switch, Res,Rate, Depth
    Power Supply:DC 9V; Dry battery (6F22/9V), AC adaptor


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