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Effects Pedals

Davis Musical Instruments- HM-80_0
Davis Musical Instruments- HM-80_1
Davis Musical Instruments- HM-80_2
  • The HM-80 equips with dual gain circuitry. Create the unbliveable distortion with the precise setting of the pedal, which offers the most versatile distortion with endless sustains and huge mid and low sound. The distortion covers vintages sound in 70's metal to pop sound of neo-metal.

  • Normal Input Level:-20dBu
    Input Impedance:1MΩ
    Normal Output Level:-20dBu
    Output Impedance:1KΩ
    Current Draw:19mA(DC 9V)                                           

  • Residual Noise:-105dBu(IHF-A,Typ.)
    Jack:Input ,Output ,AC Adaptor
    Controls:Pedal Switch, Level,Low, High, Mid Frequency, Dist
    Power Supply:DC 9V; Dry battery (6F22/9V), AC adaptor


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