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Effects Pedals

Davis Musical Instruments- DS-60_0
Davis Musical Instruments- DS-60_1
Davis Musical Instruments- DS-60_2

  • The DS-60 provides more keyboard and guitar distortion effects, not only fuzz  distortion of the sound, you will faithfully reflect the dynamic guitar playing delicate changes.

  • Normal Input Level:     -20dBu
    Input Impedance   :     1MΩ
    Normal Output Level:   -20dBu                  
    Output Impedance  :     1KΩ

  • Current Draw:8mA(DC 9V)  

  • Residual Noise:   -106dBu(IHF-A,Typ.)  

  • Jack :  Input ,Output ,AC Adaptor        

  • Controls :  Pedal Switch, Effect Level,  

  • Timbre,GAIN/ DIST
    Power Supply:DC 9V; Dry battery (6F22/9V),AC adaptor


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